Lost Treasures: The LEGO Temple of Anubis

The LEGO Set – Pharaoh’s Forbidden Ruins

Pharaoh’s Forbidden Ruins (also known as Temple of Anubis) is a rare LEGO set released in 1998. It is a part of the Adventurers series and has some very interesting printed elements.

Desert Expedition takes our hero Johnny Thunder and his friends on a harrowing trip that involves hot air balloon stints, broken down trucks caught in sand dunes, skeletons, scheming Lords and Barons, and bearded professors reading ancient Sanskrit.

Temple of Anubis

Released in 1998, the Temple of Anubis is a 710-piece LEGO set that contains a large Egyptian temple. It also includes a truck, a balloon, and 10 minifigures. It is part of the Adventurers series and is sometimes referred to as Pharaoh’s Forbidden Ruins or the Temple of Anubis. This set is in excellent condition and has been well-cared for. The printed pieces are in very good condition and have been bubble wrapped to protect them during shipping.

The front of the temple has a passageway with skeletons and a falling axe trap. Behind this, there is another smaller structure. This is where the ruby is hidden. Its door is decorated with hieroglyph bricks warning that whoever steals the treasure will be cursed by the mummy.

Temple of the Golden Idol

Weld in the ruins of a mysterious temple. This set is a great choice for anyone interested in building a small but impressive MOC. The set features 17 bedruckt elements, which is a lot for a LEGO set of this size.

The set also includes a number of stickers, which are easy to apply but require some patience. These stickers are a welcome addition, as they add to the overall look of the set.

Pay homage to the Indiana Jones franchise with this highly detailed model of the Temple of the Golden Idol. Recreate the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and display it proudly on your shelf. This set is designed to capture the imaginations of teens and adults. This set contains over 1500 pieces.

Temple of the Pharaoh

In my opinion, this is the best set in the whole series. I can’t think of a single other set that features so many little mechanisms and creative ideas. It’s the heart of the Adventurers line and the first one that truly sets the tone for the series.

The front of the building is tall and features a passageway with two skeletons and a falling axe trap on either side. Inside the walls there is a sarcophagus and a mummy.

The set also includes a yellow hot air balloon and Lord Sinister’s truck. It’s a classic, hard to find set that will appeal to novice or hardcore LEGO fans alike. It’s a must have for any Desert Adventurers fan. So pick up your copy today and get ready for some excitement!

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