Legoland Parks Around the World

Which Lego Land is the Biggest?

The first Legoland park opened in Billund, Denmark back in June ’68. Since then, it’s grown into a worldwide franchise with locations all over the globe.

But which one is the biggest? Read on to find out. You’ll also learn more about the different Legoland rides and attractions available at each location.


The city of Billund in Denmark is known around the world as “Home of the Brick”, thanks to the Lego brand. The town’s most popular attraction is Legoland, which features impressive sculptures and thrilling rides, as well as educational exhibits. Visitors can also explore the Lego House, a hands-on museum that showcases the history of the company and its creative legacy.

The LEGO House is a must-visit for families with children. Located next to Legoland and the headquarters of The LEGO Group, the museum is filled with imaginative hands-on LEGO activities for kids and adults. In addition, the facility offers an immersive digital experience where guests can create their own animated faces and send them into a virtual ocean. There are also several hotels, holiday villages and castle hotels near LEGOland that offer an interactive LEGO experience.


Windsor is a family-friendly town with fabulous shops, expansive parks, and diverse eateries. It also has a large, walkable downtown area and is home to a vibrant arts community. In addition to its many attractions, Windsor has a variety of services for families with young children.

Located in Goshen, New York, the Legoland New York resort offers seven different themed areas, including Heartlake City, Knights’ Kingdom, Pirate Shores, and Kingdom of Pharaohs. Guests can also experience the world of the Minifigures at the Rescue Academy and build a castle in Bricktopia.

Legoland branded theme parks attract an average of 2.5 million visitors each year. The chain’s success has accelerated since Merlin Entertainment took over the park in 2000. In addition to the parks, Legoland branded locations include 22 indoor LEGO Discovery Centres around the world.


The California park is home to more than 50 rides, attractions, shows and a water park. Guests can try out new 2023 rides like Master of Flight, Unikitty’s Disco Drop and a reimagined Lego Movie Masters of the Universe ride.

The park is geared for children between the ages of two and 12, but it can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. Kids especially will enjoy the theme park because it is designed around their favorite toys.

Guests can stay in one of the four themed hotels that are based on popular Lego lines such as Knights and Dragons, Castle, Princess or Friends. These hotels offer a variety of amenities, including nightly children’s entertainment and early access to the Legoland Park for hotel guests.


The 150-acre Legoland Florida is the largest interactive LEGO theme park in the world and is geared towards families with kids 2-12. It features more than 50 rides, attractions, restaurants, shopping, a botanical garden and Legoland Water Park. It is also home to three onsite hotels including Legoland Beach Retreat, Pirate Island Hotel and Legoland Pirate’s Cove Hotel.

It is part of the Merlin Entertainments chain of family theme parks and shares a common owner with Lego. Guests can also visit 22 Lego Discovery Centres around the world.

For those looking for a little thrill, try flying around the park on the Flying School ride, where you’ll be suspended with your legs over an action-packed track. Or take a spin on the Dragon coaster which combines a race against time with twists, turns and dips.

New York

In 2020, LEGOLAND New York Resort will open in Goshen, a small Orange County town about 60 miles northwest of NYC. It will be the third Legoland in the US, and the first outside of California and Florida.

The park will be geared toward children 2 to 12 and Lego lovers of all ages. It will have seven unique “Lands” and a 250-room hotel.

Many of the attractions are similar to those found in other Legoland parks around the world. This allows Merlin Entertainments to roll out rides and attractions quickly.

The park also features some exciting new rides and attractions. The highlight is a minifigure-scale recreation of the city of New York, complete with Lady Liberty in not one but two places! Other highlights include a pedal-powered ride and the Tower Climb Tournament by SunKid, which is like a tiny freefall attraction.

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