LEGO brings Animal Crossing to life with new sets

New LEGO Animal Crossing Sets Teased This Week

Nintendo and Lego both took to social media on Thursday to tease a partnership that will bring the world of Animal Crossing to life in brick form. The companies shared an 11-second video featuring fan favorite characters including Tom Nook, Isabelle, Kappa, Rosie, Bunnie and Julian.

The video confirmed five different sets, with release slated for March 1, 2024. The sets will include villagers, houses and other locations from the popular island life simulation.

Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House

After a successful collaboration on Mario-themed sets, Lego has partnered with Nintendo again for a new line of Animal Crossing-inspired products. This time around, the sets will let players bring home their favorite villagers and explore familiar locations from Nintendo’s popular video game franchise.

A teaser video reveals a collection of five different Animal Crossing sets, each priced between $15 and $75. The smallest set, Isabelle’s House Visit, comes with a Tom Nook figurine and a figure of Fauna, while the larger Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House contains a Tom Nook minifigure alongside a villager house and Nook’s store setting.

Each set also includes fun activities like opening a balloon present and crafting tools. The most complicated of the initial offerings is Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour, which features a figure of K.K Slider as well as a tent setup that lets builders act out wildlife discovery and fishing expeditions. Other features include a poster that references an in-game song and an alcove for placing fruit.

Isabelle’s House Visit

As with Lego’s Super Mario sets, these Animal Crossing sets are designed to work seamlessly together. This allows kids to build their own island with the villager buildings, a workbench, and other elements that bring to mind Nintendo’s hit video game series. Kids can also use Bunnie’s pole to vault across the water, or Kapp’n’s boat for going on a pirate-hunting expedition. The Isabelle’s House Visit set (77049) features two minifigures, as well as recognizable game elements like a pitfall trap and a present-carrying balloon. It’s set to launch in March 2024.

Girls and boys aged 6+ will love creating their own Animal Crossing stories with these fun toys. They’re perfect for long play sessions, or to be enjoyed in their downtime away from the console.

Julian’s Birthday Party

The cheapest of the five Animal Crossing LEGO sets revealed last week, Julian’s Birthday Party features just one character and is a fun way to celebrate with the town. This set includes a cake, balloons, and a cherry blossom tree, plus a special magic kit that will teach the birthday boy or girl six tricks.

The sets are designed to be modular and can fit together to form a larger landscape or island. A new video released today reveals all of the sets lined up to give fans a better idea of how they’ll look when they’re all assembled.

As the release date of Nintendo’s new Switch Lite console approaches this Friday, it probably isn’t a coincidence that LEGO and Nintendo are also revealing a line of sets themed around the popular game series. With Nook’s Cranny shop, Kapp’n’s boat and Rosie’s house all featured in this new collection, it’ll certainly be an exciting addition to the franchise.

Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities

The final set of LEGO Animal Crossing sets teased this week is a bit smaller than the previous offerings. With a smaller price tag, the Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities set will let players explore a deserted island complete with palm trees, a beach, and Marshal in their boat.

This set will come with a tent, a sand castle, and a campfire. Kids can also build a bridge to jump across the river with Bunnie, catch spiders and butterflies, roast marshmallows over the fire, and more.

Fans can get their hands on all of the upcoming Animal Crossing sets when they hit stores in March 2024. Nintendo and Lego both shared a short clip of the new sets on their social media accounts Thursday along with a racoon Tom Nook, dog Isabelle, and other beloved villagers. This isn’t the first time that Nintendo and Lego have worked together to bring a video game to life with physical bricks.

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