LEGO 2K Drive: Silly Story Mode, Satisfying Controls, and Extensive Customization

LEGO 2K Drive Review

The story mode carries the typical charm and silliness that is to be expected from a LEGO game. Kids will undoubtedly laugh through the endless puns and sight gags but adults may find it a little too juvenile for their tastes.

Driving is satisfying in LEGO 2K drive thanks to the arcade style controls. The way heavy and light vehicles maneuver differently gives the game a lot of variety.


The Lego 2k drive story mode is a delightfully silly affair. Players are recruited by local racing legend Clutch Racington to prove their mettle on a series of tracks and race through the various areas of Bricklandia. From Prospecto Valley’s farm fields to Big Butte County’s arid desert, and Hauntsborough’s spooky realm, each environment provides a unique challenge for the player. Power-ups that include a rocket launcher, mini bombs, and even a spider web are available to use against opponents, making winning races all the more satisfying.

The game’s arcade-style controls are satisfying and it’s fun to learn how different vehicles maneuver and drift around corners. The only thing that detracts from the fun is the game’s heavy reliance on microtransactions, which feels especially egregious for a title that is clearly aimed at children.


The graphics in Lego 2K Drive aren’t pushing the boundaries of graphical fidelity but they do have an appealing look that perfectly captures the Lego aesthetic. The colourful and varied biomes are packed with charm and personality and the destruction mechanics look impressive without impacting the frame rate too much.

The game nails the fundamentals of its driving mechanics, delivering an arcade racing experience that’s both fun and satisfying. The karts feel responsive and have a satisfying sense of weight that creates a great sense of speed, even when driving off-road or on water.

The destruction in the open world is a delight to watch, with traffic cars crumbling and lego structures shattering with every impact you make. The attention to detail is exemplary, with even the grass and cacti looking realistic while still maintaining that Lego feel.


LEGO 2K Drive is obviously meant to appeal to children, with characters portrayed like cartoons and a lighthearted tone throughout. The game also references itself as such, asking for a child’s email address when you create an account and referring to your progress in races as “kid points”.

The racing itself is satisfying and arcadey, though the drift mechanic can take some getting used to. The weapons system adds fun new elements (like homing rockets and spiders that web opponents), but overall the gameplay feels looser and more imprecise than the best in the genre, such as Disney’s Speedstorm.

The large hub world in which you can race and explore is full of fun side activities that add to the experience. Many of these include resolving quests for NPCs (like defending a scientist’s work from robot cowboys), completing special story events, and engaging in tower defense sections.


While LEGO 2K Drive owes a lot to its inspirations (The Crew 2, Burnout Paradise, Mario Kart) it’s fun and colourful and oozes charm. The game nails the fundamentals of a great racing game, providing a fun set of weapons and boosts while also offering an extensive creation tool.

The Lego license is put to excellent use with wild vehicles that can be customised with parts as you unlock them. The ability to instantly transform your vehicle from roadster to offroad vehicle to boat is a clever play on the remouldability of Lego models and hearing the clicks and clacks of your vehicle as it reconstitutes itself for each environment is a delight.

However, the game’s reliance on live service elements (a premium season pass and microtransaction store) is a little troubling for a game that’s ostensibly aimed at children. The grind to unlock new races and vehicles is tedious and the aggressive monetization feels a little sinister.


The extensive customization options in Lego 2K Drive make it an engaging and enjoyable experience for racing fans of all ages. Its open-world gameplay offers thrilling races, minigames, collectibles, challenges, and a heartfelt story that will keep players coming back for more.

The game also features a fully-featured Vehicle Design Studio where you can create your dream car and customize its appearance and stats. Vehicles can be modified by changing components, adding studs, and rearranging their position. However, it is important to note that each modification will affect a car’s overall performance and handling.

The game features a variety of vehicles from Lego’s City, Creator, and Speed Champions lines, as well as the McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM. However, the aggressive monetization model prevents this game from reaching its full potential.

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