A Delicious World of Deceit, Detection, and Donuts

Escape Into a Delicious World of Deceit, Detection and Donuts With Lego 10278

For years Lego has gathered an enthusiastic fanbase with a line of modular buildings that are both fun to build and connect to bring your city to life. Their latest set, 10278 Police Station is a fantastic addition to this series.

Unlike 2020’s 10270 Bookshop, 10278 is taller and deeper, with three full floors. It also contains more authentic details like a laundromat and billboard.


Escape into a delicious world of deceit, detection and donuts with this Police Station model. Enjoy hours of immersive building as you create the three-floor station. Watch the brick-built staircase wind through detailed floors that can be removed to reveal hidden surprises inside. The set is packed with clever design features and novel details to appeal to adult LEGO fans.

This police station includes an interrogation room, reel-to-reel recorder, case board with red lines connecting clues and more. The set also includes printed tiles that bring the detailed scenes to life. It features 2,923 pieces and 5 minifigures. It’s the perfect mindful project for adults and families. The set is part of the Modular Buildings collection, which features sets with intricate details and elegant architecture.

Buildable Police Station

As a new addition to the imaginative Modular Buildings line, lego 10278 invites you to imagine your own stories. The police station offers some great architectural design, and there are a lot of fun details to explore.

The set features five Minifigures, including three police officers. The male officers feature dark blue torsos that are similar to those used in the police uniforms of other LEGO City sets. The female officer wears a tie and rank insignia, and she also has unique head gear.

The front of the tan police station contrasts well with the lavender donut shop and dark green newsstand that sit next door. The set also includes some ivy and shrubs, which adds to the appeal of the set. And because of the way the modular buildings are designed, it’s easy to add other civic institutions to your collection.

Authentic Details

The set features stylish, crime-busting details such as a case board with authentic red lines connecting the clues, a reel-to-reel recorder, jail cell and evidence locker. Novel pieces also abound, including two in the rare nougat color and blank animal head bricks used to make a cornice detail. Adult Lego fans will enjoy the set’s clever design features and unexpected surprises.

The tan police station contrasts beautifully with the lavender donut shop and dark green newspaper kiosk, and foliage is a recurring theme in the design, with ivy climbing up the corner of the building and well-groomed shrubs built from bricks molded as leaves. There is one slight discrepancy between the official product photos, part inventory in the instruction booklet, and what’s actually included in the set: a different version of the 2×2 printed clock tile.

Easy to Assemble

If stacking bricks to build walls conjures up childhood memories, 10278 is the sort of set that speaks to LEGO’s timelessness. It’s easy to build, but with enough interesting details that it never feels basic. It also combines so many novel techniques that a seasoned LEGO builder will find plenty to keep them interested.

Like most Modular sets, the police station comes with a coffee-table style instruction booklet that’s printed on black to make it easier for old eyes to read. The set includes 5 minifigures including a 1940s-era police officer. Printed tiles like the billboard, telephone and typewriter bring the detailed scenes to life. Also included are 2 pieces in the ultra-rare nougat color, and 4 blank animal-head pieces used for cornice detail and an inverted 2-color arch.

Fun for the Whole Family

The Brothers Brick were provided a copy of this set for review, but our coverage and positive reviews are independent of that arrangement.

Adult LEGO fans will enjoy this set for the stylish features and unexpected surprises, including a reel-to-reel recorder and an evidence locker. Printed tiles like billboards and telephones add to the detailed scenes, while novel pieces include 2 in the rare nougat color and an inverted 2-color arch piece.

This set is a fun challenge to focus the mind, and makes an eye-catching display alongside other modular buildings. It’s also a good way to practice reading the instructions, which feature black-on-white background printing and are difficult to read without a lightbox.

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