COBI WWII Brick Sets: Recreate Historic Moments with High-Quality Bricks

LEGO D-Day Sets For Sale

LEGO fans are in luck: The company’s under-the-radar pre-Memorial Day sale includes a wide range of sets. Just make sure you steer clear of any that depict real military vehicles in use today, like this re-creation of the V-22 Osprey.

Christiansen says the set reflects how the company is reaching consumers across a wide spectrum of “passion points,” from Star Wars to botanical flower arrangements.

COBI D-Day Figures Set (2048)

This set is a great way to recreate a pivotal moment in world history. It features a soldier of the 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) in a new uniform color, equipped with a backpack parachute and M1 rifle. Also included is a Marine, equipped with a Bazooka. The set is rounded out by a sailor with a Thomson submachine gun and binoculars.

These figures are made by Cobi bricks which are high quality made in Europe bricks that are lego compatible. This means they can be played with by kids and adults of all ages. They are a great addition to any collection or can be used for building scenes and dioramas.

This set comes with 30 highly detailed brick parts and colorful, easy to read detailed instructions. It is suitable for children of ages 8 and up. This set is not affiliated with the Lego Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.

COBI D-Day Battleship Set (2048)

This new COBI set allows fans of blocks to make scenes from the landing at Normandy. A soldier from the 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) in a completely new uniform color is equipped with a parachute and an M1. A Marine with a Bazooka is also included, and the set is completed by a sailor with a Thomson submachine gun and binoculars.

COBI brick sets are high quality made in Europe bricks that work with lego and are very similar in size and shape. These brick sets are great for children and adults to play with and create their own WW2 stories of heroism and battles.

This set includes 777 pieces and is the perfect gift for any fan of WWII military history or marine vehicles. It will look good on a desk or shelf with other military collectibles. The model features a detachable side plate of the ship, rotating turbines and movable guns. The US flag and other details printed on the hull make this set even more realistic.

COBI D-Day Landing Craft

The COBI D-Day Landing Craft allows fans of blocks to reenact the famous day on which thousands of Allied soldiers landed across five beaches along France’s Normandy coast. The set includes a US Army soldier with an M1 rifle and a sailor equipped with a Thomson submachine gun.

Landing crafts are small naval vessels used primarily to deploy troops, equipment, and vehicles from ship to shore for offensive operations. Allied forces employed a variety of landing craft on the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944.

One type of landing craft was the LCVP, more commonly known as the Higgins boat. This shallow-draft barge-like vessel could ferry a platoon-sized complement of 36 men to shore. Another was the LCT (or landing craft, tank). This large vessel could carry up to four Sherman tanks. Some 900 of these were used in the Normandy invasion. Some of these were modified for close-in shore bombardment. They towed tubes loaded with rockets that fired them in salvos of 24.

COBI D-Day Airborne Division Set (2048)

With this COBI figure block set, you can recreate the battles of American paratroopers who took part in D-Day, Operation Market Garden, landing in Sicily and liberating Italy and Western Europe. This block kit features figurines depicting members of the elite 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles), with their recognizable emblem painted on the shoulders. One soldier wears a new uniform color and is equipped with a parachute backpack and an M1 rifle, while another wears a Ranger hat and carries a Bazooka.

The figure sets are complemented by the model of a Sherman M4A3E2 “Jumbo”, which served in the Ardennes offensive in winter 1944 and was nicknamed the “Cobra King”. It features opening hatches, access to the block engine, moving wheels and tracks, movable turret and barrel and characteristic graffiti, reproduced using pad-printing. The tank is a perfect companion for other COBI WWII military vehicles. The set is made of high-quality European bricks, fully compatible with LEGO.

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